This web page will provide information on a variety of special education topics for parents of students with disabilities, teachers and the Holland community.  Please take some time out of your busy schedule to familiarize yourself with the information posted on the district's web page.


Student support services available beyond the regular comprehensive educational program are:

  • Psychological Services
  • Social Worker Services
  • Special Education Services for students with disabilities
  • Health Services
  • Speech/Language Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Guidance and Counseling Services
  • English taught as a Second Language (ESL)

Parents who suspect their child might have an educational disability should contact their child's teacher, the school psychologist assigned to their child's building, a guidance counselor or the principal. The Special Education Department may also be contacted for additional information and guidance.

The Holland Central School District is committed to making sure that all students receive a quality education that meets their individual needs.