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A Message from Superintendent Cathy Fabiatos- Posted April 9, 2020

Good day and it is a good day!

Every day that we get up and are able to attend to our families and students is a good day! Every day that we can stay safe and well is a good day.

Although uncertainty is still the order of the day, my hope is that, you, like me, see the glass as full. My glass is full including but not limited to the following: my family is safe, albeit that some are in the epicenter of this virus, that some are essential workers and risking their lives and those of their housemates, that some are in the first couple of weeks of their lives and cannot be seen or held by many of us. Additionally, HCS essential workers who report to campus are well and risking their well-being to care for our campus and provide sustenance to our students. Those HCS essential faculty and staff at home are traversing the unknown frontier to serve our students and that our community is supporting the uniqueness of home instruction, many with their own job responsibilities and multiple students to tend to. I am appreciative of every single person’s trial and tribulation and in awe of the efforts and innovative approach to care for your families, to deliver instruction and care for our children, our pride and our future.

We still have many obstacles to find our way around and there are many more questions than answers. Regardless, together we will overcome, challenge and come out of this with a clear understanding of what matters most, be more resilient and recognize that attitude is the game-changer. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all that has challenged you and my wishes for your continued safety!

Cathy Fabiatos

Superintendent of Schools