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Holland Writers Chosen for National Anthology

Recently, Mrs. Suckow's 7th grade students were challenged to compose "Stranger Sagas" short stories using 100 words or less based on spooky or strange themes. This was a part of a Young Writers USA national competition. Jack Brown, Kelsey Burke, Emily Butler, Hannah Lewandowski, Aiden Krepps, and Joelle Zeis had their works selected and will be published in an anthology of stories from students around the country.

Young Writers is an organization that aims to encourage and inspire children to engage in creative writing. Each student composed a story on a topic of their choice that portrayed a creepy happening and then submitted it to the competition.  Their entries were based on a criteria that included creativity, imagination, use of language and originality.

"Writing a story in 100 words or less is really difficult,” commented Mrs. Suckow. “The kids got really creative playing around with their use of language because every word counts.  We ended up with some great, original stories."

The middle school will be provided a complimentary copy of the anthology that will be available in the media center. 

Senior High Writers

Pictured (l-r): Hannah Lewandowski, Joelle Zeis, Jack Brown, Aiden Krepps, Emily Butler and Kelsey Burke.