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Message to Teachers from the Superintendent

Good Afternoon
Thank you for your efforts this year, especially under the circumstances the last three months.  Your ability to be nimble, flexible, adaptable, dedicated and most of all caring has been what made us successful and it is much appreciated.  Those traits are a recipe for great outcomes and ones I am certain we will be grateful to have as we move forward in the fall.  I, personally thank each of you and wish you some time to unplug and relax.
Our challenges are many, whether we meet in person, or not in September, but I am certain that together we will not only overcome the challenges, but will surpass expectations.  As educators our inherent trait to be life long learners with growth mindsets are the foundation for pioneers who are champions.
I cannot guarantee what is to come, but I can guarantee that you are prepared, that we will support you and that you will be successful.  Unfortunately, there are more unknowns than knowns, but together we will not only overcome them, we will triumph and be even better than before.
Best wishes for whatever you desire HCS Champions and Scholars!
Superintendent Fabiatos