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Students Visit Attica Correctional Facility as Part of Psychology and Democracy Classes

SRO Dylan Dreyer and Social Studies teacher, Mr. Schmidt took 23 students from the Holland Psychology and Democracy classes, to the Attica Correctional Facility on Mon. Feb. 10th. They participated in the Community Awareness Program (C.A.P.).  This program was set up after the Attica Prison riots in 1971 in order to educate the community on the realities of life behind bars and to bring more transparency to the taxpayers. 
The students spent 2 1/2 hours interviewing 3 inmates face to face about their crimes, life behind bars, their families and  the justice system in general.  The program also allowed students to chat with a corrections officer to get their perspective on life as a guard and how the prison system has changed and been reformed over the years.  Some of the students researched the history of the Attica prison riot before attending and also got to hear the point of view of the prisoners on NYS laws and issues such as "stop and frisk" and bail reform. 
An overall message shared with the students was that your choices have consequences and all the inmates that shared with the group were remorseful and took responsibility for the actions that landed them in Attica.  
Students outside of Attica Correctional Facility