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7th and 8th Grade Students Get to Practice Interview Skills

MS FACS teacher Julie Mayer organized a job preparation/interview day for September 24, 2019 for her 7th and 8th grade students. Students wrote resumes and cover letters for the jobs they were applying for, in preparation for the real life job application process. Students participated in real interviews with various personnel from the district, including Superintendent Fabiatos and Principal Ford.
"This is a great example of extending learning into what we call "authentic assessments"...situations where the final product isn't a worksheet, but an actual real world activity," said Mr. Ford.  "Students were confident and well-prepared and hopefully learned a lot about how to present themselves well in an interview--an important life skill."
Michelle Krieger Interviewing a Student  
Patrick McMillan Interviewing a Student
Student interviewing with Principal Ford
Students interviewing
Student interviewing with Mrs. Cracchiola