*****ALL expectations and assignments are in MS TEAMS*****

    Social Studies - Mr. Foeller 
     Welcome to 7th-Grade Social Studies,
    Global History and Geography 9R, Economics, or Democracy
     Friday, September 22, 2023
    5:11:28 PM

    ALL expectations and assignments are in MS TEAMS 





    Social Studies Materials/Supplies



    (wireless) mouse



    You must bring your ADEQUATELY-CHARGED, District-Provided laptop to class on a daily basis in order to participate, especially when QuizletLive .  is scheduled to avoid loss of an in-class grade.




    Class Grade Components (2:3)

    Classwork (based on completed, in-class assignments): 40% (2/5)

    Key: being respectful, responsible, and safe when interacting with others and materials, including laptop, in order to satisfy an in-class activity.*

    *If you choose to leave class or to violate classroom rules due to the behavioral choices you made, you will earn zero (0%) credit unless you arrange with me for alternative, in-school time(s) to make up class time you chose to lose.


    Online/Paper Tests & Written Responses (collected): 60%* (3/5)

    (any quiz/test/final/assessment/project/presentation/written-response collected or electronically submitted for grade)


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    Today is Friday, September 22, 2023, 5:11:28 PM

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