*****ALL expectations and assignments are in MS TEAMS*****

    Social Studies - Mr. Foeller 
     Welcome to Global History and Geography 9R, Economics, or Democracy
     Saturday, January 22, 2022
    6:21:20 PM

    ALL expectations and assignments are in MS TEAMS 





    Social Studies Materials/Supplies



    (wireless) mouse


    flash drive (for personal use)


    You must bring your ADEQUATELY-CHARGED, District-Provided laptop to class on a daily basis in order to participate, especially when QuizletLive .  is scheduled to avoid loss of an in-class grade.




    Class Grade Components


    Participation (based on class preparation and engagement): 10%

     Key: having an ADEQUATELY-CHARGED, District-Provided laptop and be willing to apropriately use it

    .FACTORS CAUSING LOSS OF PATICIPATION (1 pt each per infraction)

    It is your responsibility, at the end of each period, to please check eSchool for individual infractions and email with any concern by the end of the school day (2:21 PM).  Failure to do will result in no grade change.

    Failing to have an adequately-charged, District-provided laptop available for use in class* 

    Accessing/Using personal electronics, such as a cellular telephone, in class**

    In visible possession of a hat/cap/head gear in class (Such items are not to be worn in School per District's High School's Student Handbook, p. 19, bullet 6--Hats, hoods or other forms of headgear (including bandanas) are not to worn in the school building between the time of entering the building for the start of the school day and the end of the school day.)**

    *Given that are a limited number of outlets and some students desk are not adjacent to outlets, to be fair to all students, having a charger cable to use would not excuse an individual from loss of points.

    **(Having to ask a student to put away items 1) would create a distraction, 2) would be disruptive to instruction, and 3) would be contray to positive participating and respecting others' right to learn)


    Classwork (based on completed, in-class assignments): 30%

    Key: being respectful, responsible, and safe when interacting with others and materials, including laptop, in order to satisfy an in-class activity.*

    *If you choose to leave class or to violate classroom rules due to the behavioral choices you made, you will earn zero (0%) credit unless you arrange with me for alternative, in-school time(s) to make up class time you chose to lose.


    Online/Paper Tests & Written Responses (collected): 60%*

    any quiz/test/final/assessment/project/presentation/written-response collected or electronically submitted for grade


     *Seniors: If required, course final exam will represent 40% of course's Online/Paper Tests & Written Responses or 80% of second marking period of course/semester.


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