• Hello!!!

    Please remember:

    Make sure you are coming to my zoom so I can help with your work.

    Make sure you are getting your other work done and getting outside. 

    Make sure you are completing the graded assignments and checking in with all your teachers.

     I can help you do any assignments, just email me or come to my Zoom! I hope to see you on Zoom!!!



    Monday 5/25


     NO SCHOOL!!  Get outside, it is supposed to be 80!!!!!!



    Tuesday 5/26

    1.  Log on to Read Theory and complete 2 activities

    2. Log in to GoNoodle and complete an active activity



    Wednesday 5/27

    1. Writing- Tell me how you are feeling about the nice weather. Please write 4 sentences and include proper capitalization and punctuation.  


     ** We will work on the SS project today in my zoom


    Thursday 5/28 

    1. Log in to Read Theory and complete activities for 10 minutes

    2.Log in to GoNoodle and complete a mindfulness activity 


      ** We will work on the SS project today in my zoom


    Friday 5/29 


    1. Draw a picture of something that makes you think of warm weather.  Write a caption and then take a picture and email it to me.  If you don't want to draw, print out a coloring sheet, color it, and write a caption. 


Last Modified on May 21, 2020