Señora Freeman

  • Señora Freeman teaches 7th and 8th grade Spanish at Holland Middle School. She has always loved helping others learn things. From teaching her younger siblings how to tie their shows to helping classmates when they were struggling with topics she felt confident in, Señora Freeman feels she has been a teacher for most of her life. Her first experience teaching Spanish was in 8th grade when they visited a Kindergarten class once a month to teach the young students basic vocabulary like numbers, colors and shapes. She enjoyed creating fun lessons and helping the younger students learn a new language. From that moment on, Señora Freeman knew that she loved learning and teaching new languages and cultures and she is so happy she stuck with it. She loves learning about the people who speak Spanish and sharing what she has learned with others.

    Señora Freeman went to Canisius College where she graduated with three bachelors' degrees: Adolescent Education, Spanish, and Latin American Studies. She earned her master's degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Canisius as well. She lived in Costa Rica for a summer to help her become fluent in Spanish. This is Señora Freeman’s first year teaching in Holland, she previously taught middle school Spanish in Maryland for 3 years at an IB World School. Señora Freeman says that her favorite thing about teaching at Holland is the people. From students, to other teachers, to staff members, every person she has had an interaction with has been very warm and welcoming. Everyone is so eager to lend a helping hand to ensure everyone can be as successful as possible no matter what role they play in the district. When she isn’t at school, Señora Freeman loves to bake and would love to open her own patisserie one day.


    jfreeman (@) hollandcsd (.) org

    (716) 537-8200 ext.6204