Miss Breier

  • Miss Breier teaches art in grades 5, 7 and 8, as well as 9-12 Studio in Art and Yearbook. She is passionate about art education and the ability to grow, develop, and influence young minds to help them discover their own strengths, passions, and desired pursuits for the future. Miss Breier loves being able to share her knowledge and skill set with students, as it relates to the importance and connections between the arts and their everyday lives. She is interested in helping students to be the best artists and people they can be before they leave her classroom. She has a bachelor's in Art Education and a M.S. Ed. from Buffalo State College, as well as an master's in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University at Buffalo.

    This is Miss Breier’s eighth year teaching at Holland. She loves the feeling of being in a close-knit community that comes with teaching in a small school district. She also loves the game of volleyball and is thrilled to be coaching at the varsity level, allowing her the opportunity to grow and train athletes in excellence on and off the court. When Miss Breier is not at school, she is an outdoors adventurer. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, and tent camping in the Adirondacks. Miss Breier’s favorite quote is from Elf: “I love to smile, smiling is my favorite!”


    jbreier (@) hollandcsd (.) org
    (716) 537-8220 ext. 7204