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  • A Message from the Superintendent …

     Reflection is vital to everyone, most especially educators as we continue to hone our craft to do our ultimate best for our students. Although much has changed in our world, much is the same, most importantly our commitment to providing an optimal education filled with opportunities for all students. As we embark on a new school year we still face as many unknowns as knowns. Lessons learned include an emphasis on being flexible and recognizing that life is fluid and we must be resilient and dedicated to ensuring that our students are cared for regardless of the obstacles presented.

    It is my distinct honor to have led a group of professionals who have gone above and beyond to ensure our students were in fact cared for and taught to the best of our ability with little time to prepare. That said, at HCS our staff does care and had been provided the professional development and given the tools and support to be ready for the unexpected learning format. Kudos to all of them for their nimbleness and dedication and to all of our families for their collaboration and support under challenging circumstances.

    It is our fervent hope to come together in person, however, it is also our fervent hope to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Regardless of how or where the learning takes place, first and foremost, school is in session regardless of location and our students will be provided quality education by caring individuals. Parent's responsibility should be the same as well, one where care and concern for their student’s attendance and academic achievement are paramount.

    We have created a variety of plans with input from a variety of stakeholders that we will align with guidelines set forth to encourage growth and wellbeing regardless of what changes. Together as a team we will create, enhance, and work toward a safe, educational environment. HCS is rightly known as the home of champions and scholars.


    Cathy V Fabiatos
    Superintendent of Schools