Mrs. Krieger

  • Mrs. Krieger is an Educational Innovator at H.O. Brumstead and a district Technology Coordinator. From a young age, Mrs. Krieger always knew she wanted to teach. She enjoys seeing the “ah ha” moment on a student’s face when a new door to knowledge has been opened. Mrs. Krieger attended Buffalo state College where she holds her undergraduate degree in Elementary and Special Education and master’s in Elementary Reading.

    Mrs. Krieger has been at Holland for 19 years. She says that her favorite thing about Holland is that it is “the little district that could,” with a faculty and administrative staff that believes anything is possible. In her free time, most of all, she enjoys all things family, including spending time outdoors, camping and fishing.


    mkrieger (@) hollandcsd (.) org

    (716) 537-8265