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    Lil' Sisters: Heidi, Sofie, Alyssa, Stella, and Mia

    Bad Guys: Aubrey, Ryan, A.J., Ella, and Brayden

    Big Nate: Wyatt, Aiden, Aaron, Liam, and Evan

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  • April 20, 2020

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    We hope you and your family are safe and healthy as you read this letter. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we have been adjusting, like you, to the drastic changes in life during the last few weeks. We are appreciative of your positivity, flexibility and resilience.

    As you know, distance learning for second grade students is in full motion. Our goal is to provide continuous educa-tional opportunities and practice for students while the school is closed and also to eliminate as much stress as possible for families. With this goal in mind, we have created a suggested calendar and work packet to guide student progress. We will be holding Zoom hours each day to an-swer questions.

    One of our focal points for students during the school year has been to have a “growth mindset.” A growth mindset unlocks our ability to learn and grow, especially during challenging times. Little did we know how important this growth mindset would be this year! Through this experience and our growth mindset, we believe we all will be stronger when we come out on the other side of COVID-19! History is being written! We hold the pen! Together, we will write the BEST story for our children!

    Stay strong! Stay healthy!

    Serving you,
    Ms. Hunter
    March 17, 2020
    Dear Parents & Students,

    While the schools may be closed, I'll always be here for you. Learning together should never stop!

    We’ve talked a lot about personal learning goals in class. As students, you all know how to be productive. Keep exercising your mind, don't let it get rusty!

    Learning is important. The materials in this packet are meant to give you a variety of materials from which to select. It is not expected that everyone will complete all the pages. You know your strengths and weaknesses. For example, it might be more productive for you to use flash cards or the math fact app rather than complete some of the other math materials that you’ve already mastered. 

    One thing I’d like you to do everyday is to write in your journal. This is a time you won't want to forget. Journaling will strengthen your writing skills, build confidence in expression and be an important document for your future self and your own children. 

    Not only can you work through this packet, we can meet via videoconferencing! Every day from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m., I will be available in a Zoom meeting room. The address of this room is in the letter enclosed in the packet. I'll also e-mail the address to your parents soon. 

    The lessons enclosed are designed to be easy to use, engaging, and achieve learning goals. Additional learning activities and updates will be posted on the classroom website (www.hollandcsd.org/hunter).

    I'm counting on you! 

    Best wishes to you and your family,

    Ms. Hunter