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    Music Notes



    To provide guided opportunities for K-12 students to establish a lasting relationship with music and become informed, independent musicians who participate in the arts throughout life.


    The Holland CSD K-12 Music Program operates under the philosophy that:


    * Music is a fundamental component of the human psyche and of human civilization.


    * Being a well-educated music consumer and/or performer will have a major positive impact on students’ quality of life through their school career and into adulthood.


    * The study of music fosters important life skills (such as self-evaluation, teamwork, creativity, work ethic, and cultural awareness) that are necessary for success in the 21st century.


    * That students are best served by a school music program that provides a variety of music study and participation opportunities for students, as well as a school district that provides continual support of the music program and faculty.


    Photo: Scroll Music Staff Divider