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    The Holland|Portal is Holland Central School District's main gateway for students, faculty/staff and parents for all technology needs. 

    Here, you will find access to technology news, email, online applications and common sites used throughout the district. Our goal within the Technology Services Department is to provide our students with the greatest access to technology possible. Following trends in technology, we have implemented access to online applications that allow for greater portability of data and increased functionality and collaboration.

    With greater access to technology comes increased responsibility on the part of the user. Working on an online service provided by the district is the same as working within the district itself. The district Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) governs the use of all district systems and online services and should be followed at all times during their use. Violations of the AUP will be appropriately addressed by school building administration and can also result in revocation of access to these services.


    Microcomputer Technician  
    Dave Fox
    Technology Coordinator and Data Protection Officer
    Michelle Krieger
    Educational Innovator
    Patrick McMillan





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