Mrs. Lawton

  • Mrs. Lawton teaches 7th grade Special Education as a consultant teacher and resource room teacher as well as 7th grade and 8th grade small class ELA. Mrs. Lawton went into teaching because she loves helping people and children. She has family with learning differences and she wanted to be prepared when she had her own children. Before getting her master’s degree in Special Education, she ran a tutoring service that helped children who needed extra help learning to read. She then went on to become a court appointed reading instructor, where she was assigned a student who changed her life as far as what she wanted to do with teaching. Mrs. Lawton says that the greatest reward is witnessing her students learning to help themselves and becoming independent.

    She has a Bachelor of Science in Education from the State University College at Buffalo and a Master of Science degree in education from St. Bonaventure University. She is certified in the areas of Students with Disabilities (1-6), Students with Disabilities- English Concentration (7-12), Gifted and Talented Education Extension (K-12), Elementary Education (Birth through 6th), English (7-9) Extension and English (7-12). She has been at Holland for 14 years. Mrs. Lawton loves teaching in a small district because she really gets to know all of the students and families in the district. She considers the school her second family and says that the best compliment she gets from students is that she is their school mom. When she isn’t at school she likes gourmet cooking, sewing, crocheting and refinishing antique furniture. She also loves to celebrate family birthdays with her three sons and one daughter, as well as her grandchildren.


    dlawton (@) hollandcsd (.) org 

    (716) 537-8200 ext. 6218