Mr. Furcron's 6th Grade Class
    Zoom Schedule for the Last Week
    • Monday- Virtual Field Trip- 12:00- Mrs. Ruiz's Zoom
    • Tuesday- Meet the 7th Grade Teachers- 12:00- Mr. Furcron's Zoom
    • Wedneday- Virtual Field Day- 12:00- Mrs. Kling's Zoom

    Please read the email that was sent to everyone Sunday night.

     For daily "office hours" please check the information on the Zoom Meeting tab on the left side.  I can also be reached via email at any time (Jfurcron@hollandcsd.org)
    • Please make sure you are checking your email throughout the week (Outlook on Office 365)
    • Remember to check in with each of your teachers at least once a week.  A check in can be an email, attending a Zoom session, or any form of communication.  If you don't have any questions or concerns, then just let us know hwo you are doing!
    • Try your best.  This is a unique and strange time for us all.  Like most of you, I would MUCH rather be back at school.  I honestly felt hurt when word came that we would not be setting foot back in the classroom this year.  It does stink, but we have to try and make the best of it.  So, try your best and we will all get through this!
    6th Grade ELA & Social Studies
    Room 210
    JFurcron (@) hollandcsd (.) org
    716-537-8275 ext. 6210