• Outside Groups
    If you are interested in using the District buildings or grounds, please contact Sue Radecki at 537-8209 for information on availability.  Forms are below.  Please download both forms and return to the District Office. Both forms need to be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event.  Priority is given to District events. Use of the buildings is on a first come, first serve basis after District events.  If you need to use any building on Saturday or Sunday, a fee will be charged. Please contact the Business Office for further information.  Payment is required prior to your event. 

    Use of Building Form       Rules and Regulations

    Insurance is required for any outside group using the building. 
    If you are interested in using the district pool, please contact Matthew Adams, Pool Coordinator, at 537-8224. You will be required to fill out a Use of Building form to use the pool. Please check with Mr. Adams for the rates for pool use. 
    Use of Cafeteria
    Please contact Anita Trautwein at 537-8216 for additional forms for kitchen use. There is a fee for using the kitchen, but not the cafeteria itself.