Mr. Reimers Technology Education Class

  •        I teach Technology Education at the Middle and High School. I went into education because I enjoy teaching people how to make things. I have a degree in Industrial Arts Education/Technology Education from Buffalo State College. After undergrad, I taught Basic Metals at Buffalo State, which led to a graduate assistantship at Ball State, where I earned a Master of Arts in Industrial Technology Education. Although this is my first year at Holland, I have taught for almost twenty years. When I'm not at school, I enjoy making fishing lures and outdoor equipment and then using this equipment to hunt, fish, hike, bicycle.

          Before I went into teaching, I spent seventeen years at the Buffalo Museum of Natural Science.  When I was working there, I developed a love for and a knowledge of biology-- both vertebrate (organisms with a backbone) and invertebrate (organisms without a backbone), botany, mycology (study of fungi) paleontology and anthropology.  My museum title was Production Manager and Shop Foreman.   My duties included maintaining the Exhibit Preparator's Workshop, working with the museum’s curators to create designs and drawings for exhibits, and serving as the museum's cabinetmaker. 

    Now that I'm here at Holland, I would like to say that what I enjoy most at Holland Middle School is working with the students to make projects with all the classes 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th!  I feel lucky to part of such a great staff and such a wonderful community.


    dreimers (@) hollandcsd (.) org

    (716) 537-8200 ext. 6129 class room, 6130 workshop