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    Welcome to the Physical Education Web-page. 

    High School

    Physical Education 


    Welcome Back!
    Please welcome Miss. Richardson, in the gym. She will be filling in for Mrs. Letina until she returns.
    We will start the year with our opening day lecture, then go right into the fall fitness testing. 
    Glad to see everyone back for another year.
    Students that have missing quizzes or assignments: it is your responsibility to make up or turn in the assignments, please schedule a make up time with your teacher ASAP.
    E-Mail:   abett@hollandcsd.org         tletina@hollandcsd.org   lrichardson@hollandcsd.org

    Phone:        Letina/Richardson  - 537-7128           Bett - 537-7127


    Physical Education Class

     Make-Up Policy

    If you are absent for TWO classes in any ONE unit, you must complete either a 30-40 minute weight/cardio workout in the fitness center after school (signed by room attendant), or you can write a 300 word article summary on a topic related to Physical education or recreation.
    If you are unsure of the number of make-ups owed in Physical Education class, please see your Physical Education teacher.