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    Physical Education 



    Important information for JUNE

    ***Last Activity Log will be due for the week of June 1 to June 5***


    Your current ratings will be converted to grades and combined with the 3rd quarter grade to calculate grade for the second semester.

    Please remember that PE is a required course. If you do not pass PE the second semester, you must make up the credit next year.

    4th quarter rating to grade conversion:







    Inportant information for the end of MAY

    May 15th: Will be a half day teacher's conference day. Mrs Letina or Mr Bett will not be available after 11am.

    May 22nd: Is still considered a regular day of school. Assignments must be done for this day.

    Monday, May 25th: We will celebrate Memorial Day. No assignments due for this day.



    Starting the week of April 20th we have new guidlines for getting credit for Phys Ed:

    1. You MUST contact your teacher once per week via email, phone call or zoom.
    2. You MUST complete and turn in your ACTIVITY LOG via email by each Friday every week. Please include your CLASS PERIOD and the LETTER DAY of class (ie. 1A, 2B, etc)


    Hope you are all staying active and using healthy daily habits until we are back at school!
    Below are some past activities to help you to stay active until we are back at school: 
    March 18 to 20: Select a work out from the "Work outs" tab in the left hand column of our web page, invite your parents to exercise with you.
    March 23 to 27: Select a different work out from the "Work outs" tab, invite your parents to exercise with you.
    March 30 to April 3: Create a game to play or make up a new game with items in your house. Play the game with your family.
    April 6 to April 10: Get some fresh air! Walk around your house and yard. Find some sports equipment that you can use with your family.
    April 13 to 17: Continue to stay active! Complete an activity log (see below) and send to Mr Bett or Mrs Letina on Friday.
    *April 20 to 24: Complete your activity log and send it to your Phys Ed teacher on Friday. Required for ALL STUDENTS.
    April 27th for the rest of this school year: send your activity log to your PE teacher by Friday.
    Your ACTIVITY LOG MUST INCLUDE the date of your activity, the actual activity you are doing, and the amount of time spent doing your activity. Remember any activity is acceptable, either the suggested activity from above or something that you have chosen on your own. Good luck!

    STUDENTS: Please check your email DAILY ! There are two tabs for student email "focused" and "other". Please check BOTH TABS so you don't miss any emails.

    PARENTS and STUDENTS: The school zoom phone number is 646-568-7788. If you see this number appear in your caller ID, it is someone from the school inviting you to a ZOOM MEETING.



    We have also created a weekly newsletter to help you stay active throughout this time!  Check it out!  

    March 27th:Physical Education Weekly Newsletter

    April 3rdPhysical Education Weekly Newsletter

    April 10th: Physical Education Weekly Newsletter

    April 17th: Physical Education Newsletter

    April 24th: Physical Education Newsletter

    May 4th: Physical Education Newsletter

    May 11th: Physical Education Newsletter

    May 18th: Physical Education Newsletter

    May 26h: Physical Education Newsletter

    **If you need to speak with Mr. Bett or Mrs. Letina, you can do so between 10am and 11am for Mrs. Letina and 1 to 2 pm for Mr. Bett. Please send us an e-mail and we will provide you with our contact information for Zoom.
    Or please feel free to contact us during school hours with any questions!  We will try to respond as quickly as possible! 
    E-Mail:   abett@hollandcsd.org         

    School PE office phones:      Letina - 537-7128        Bett - 537-7127


    Physical Education Class

     Make-Up Policy

    If you are absent for TWO classes in any ONE unit, you must complete either a 30-40 minute weight/cardio workout in the fitness center after school (signed by room attendant), or you can write a 300 word article summary on a topic related to Physical education or recreation.
    If you are unsure of the number of make-ups owed in Physical Education class, please see your Physical Education teacher.