Holland Central School District's
    Wellness Page
    We are committed to helping make a positive difference in the lives of students by providing them with the tools that they need to succeed physically, mentally, and socially throughout their lives.
    Many health problems that are prominent today could be avoided by sound health and physical education programs that provide children with “knowledge skills and enjoyment that will enable them to make responsible and informed decisions to develop healthy habits for a lifetime of wellness” (Deshpande & Johnson, 2000, p. 66).   With the national spotlight focused on health care issues there has never been a more relevant time to teach our children healthy lifestyle habits. 
     Our program goals are to initiate, improve, expand, and sustain a coordinated and comprehensive physical education and activity program, and to increase the availability of nutritional food choices for Holland’s school-aged children.  The program promotes quality physical education and activity programs by providing appropriate education, equipment, and support to assist all students in meeting and exceeding state standards and in developing a personal commitment to lifelong healthy habits.
    The district has implemented many positive changes such as:
    • Establishing a District Wellness Committee
    • Establishing a Student Wellness Committee
    • Developing a Comprehensive Wellness Policy
    • Hiring a certified Food Service Director for the district
    • Removing high-sugar/ high fat items from the breakfast program
    • Beginning to phase in 100% whole grain products
    • Offering salad bars, fresh fruit and healthy meals
    • Requiring that at least 75% of a la cart snacks offered be baked, reduced fat, or mulitigrain 
    • Incorporating daily activity into each students school day


Last Modified on July 22, 2016