Mrs. Ginnitti

  • Mrs. Ginnitti teaches art and design classes at Holland High School. She went into teaching because she loves art and teaching came natural to her. It has worked out ever since! Mrs. Ginnitti says that she is blessed to have a career that she enjoys each and every day. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with a minor in Psychology from SUNY Fredonia as well as a Master of Science for Teachers (MST) at Rochester Institute of Technology.

    Mrs. Ginnitti has been teaching at Holland for 7 years. She says that teaching in a smaller district allows you to really get to know all students. The smaller class sizes mean more individualized attention and more productive class time. They make great art! In her free time, Mrs. Ginnitti is usually chasing 3 awesome kids around, drawing, painting, photographing, jogging and making stuff. She lives by the idea that each day is a new opportunity to share your good vibes and be your best self.


    aocchinoginnitti (@) hollandcsd (.) org