• HELLO!

    It's no mystery that we are making history right now.  With constantly evolving directives from the state and national government regarding COVID-19 news, I think the best thing for us to do is keep one important thing constant in your lives: YOUR EDUCATION! 


    So let's get creative!  Just because we are all apart doesn't mean your education stops.  We have been using Microsoft Class Notebook all year so lucky for us, we are totally prepared!  Every Monday throughout our time apart, I will update each of your class notebooks with new assignments to keep your creativity active and keep you growing as an artist. Just check out the new folder in the CLASS NOTEBOOK called QUARANTINED ADVENTURES.  Life and learning should not stop just because our routines must.  I will label each task with the dates of the week that you should complete them.    

    Some advice: Try and maintain a routine with your work.  Your daily schedule does NOT need to look like it did when you were physically at school, but try to make one that you can stick to in order to keep things organized in your life. 

    «« NEW! »»  An Art Department Stop Motion Animation Challenge!  ← Want to try some animation?  Click here or see the directions in the class notebook to find out more!  


    I AM AVAILABLE!  Like all the teachers, my office hours are going to be from 10-11am, M-F.  At that time, we can talk via ZOOM which is a friendly video conferencing application.  The information for this can be found in our personal class notebooks.  Just click the link and it will guide you.  You can also email me and I will reply as soon as I am able.  Between these video conferences, email, and class notebook, we can all stay creative.  

    Some helpful resources as you work during your time at home: 
    100 Sketchbook Prompts!
    Virtual Museum Visits
    How to draw and paint videos (see non-member options)

    For my Adaptive Artists: Check out these great resources! 
    Click here to see what you can do, make, and learn while you're at home!
    Also check out these sketchbook prompts to get your ideas brewing when you want to draw