The creative process takes courage and dedication.  
    Do you have what it takes to give it your best despite all obstacles?

    “The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind – creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers and meaning makers. These people will now reap society’s richest rewards and share its greatest joys." Daniel H. Pink, A Whole New Mind.
    Welcome!  The art room is a place where exploration, problem solving, and collaboration are embraced.  In order to be successful, students must be willing to take risks, work hard, and be creative without hesitation.  I'm am thrilled to be working with the talented students of Holland High School.   Please use this website to check out the classes I teach.  Thank you for visiting!    
    Incase you're interested:  
    I am an artist and educator.  My artistic background is heavily rooted in photography (both fine art and commercial) but you can also find me frequently drawing, printing, painting, sculpting, etc, etc.  I enjoy it all. 

    As an educator, my mission is to promote creativity and personal expression while also encouraging the self discipline necessary to meet goals and deadlines. Students are expected to create their best work and participate in daily class activities whether that means creating art or holding discussions and critiquing. The studio/classroom atmosphere is relaxed, productive and positive.     

    I love what I teach and I believe it is so important for students to know that I absolutely believe there are jobs available for art students who are enthusiastic, flexible and willing to keep learning.  So keep at it!   

    Thanks for visiting.

    Mrs. Ginnitti


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