Mr. Wojcik

  • Zoom link for meetings/ office hours:   I will be posting the link to my Zoom on OneNote, as we cannot post these links publically on our websites for security reasons. In the OneNote folder for the course you are in, look in the Collaboration Space. There will be a folder called "Online Learning Details". In that folder there is a file titled Zoom Link and Information. There is where you will find the link to my Zoom. 


    !!! Special instructions for students regarding the long term school cancellation:

    Dear students and families - we are enduring an incredible shift to our every day lives and school routines right now. We teachers are doing our best to install a system that will restore some normalcy. We are figuring things out as we go, and there will be many updates and improvements to this system as we go, so bear with us! 

    We are going to resume some semblance of a school routine through online means. Through a combination of premade videos (some created by me, some by other resources), online resources such as Delta Math, IXL, and Quizizz, and a video conferencing program called Zoom, we will provide you all with learning opportunities. To the left you will see links to my homework hotline which contains a calendar for each course. This calendar will be regularly updated and will contain descriptions of assignments, lessons, and due dates, and will also have links to videos and other resources. 

    I will be assigning videos to be watched at home that are your lessons. To accompany these videos there will be guided note sheets. Students have the option of either printing paper copies of these notes out at home, or using OneNote to take notes on your tablets. I will share all note sheets and worksheets with students, which they can access by looking in their personal folders and then in the Class notes folder. If students would like to see what I have written, like when you are watching me in class, you will be able to find that in the content library folder. 

    We will be using Zoom to speak face to face periodically as well. For one hour per day I will hold "office hours" where students can live chat with me and ask any questions they may have:

    General office hours: 10:00 - 11:00. During this time ALL teachers will be available to communicate with via Zoom or email. For my Algebra 1B and Geometry Essentials students, this would be the best time for you to reach out to me. If anyone has general questions regarding technology or anything else, you are also invited to use this time. 

    Geometry office hours: 1:00 - 2:00 on Tuesday and Thursday. All students in Regents Geometry are invited to join me in either or both of these time slots for questions and extra help. 

    If there are students who I have not seen or heard from during the course of a week, I will be reaching out to you through email, phone call, or Zoom to check in. 

    I know this is a strange experience with a lot of unknowns. We are here to support you through this. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have (parents too!). You can email me at I am sure you will have questions that we cannot yet answer, but we will do our best. 

    Further directions to come...

    I hope you are all staying healthy and safe, and am looking forward to working with you again!

    Mr. Wojcik


    Mr. Wojcik teaches Geometry, Essentials of Geometry, and Algebra 1B at Holland High School. He  attended SUNY Geneseo as an undergraduate and SUNY Buffalo for his master's degree. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with Secondary Education Certification. Mr. Wojcik decided to become a teacher because he always wanted a profession that would allow him to work with and help kids. He also had a great appreciation for math and was inspired by his goofy and enthusiastic Calculus teacher in high school. He figured becoming a math teacher would be the best way to combine his passions into one "dream job". This is Mr. Wojcik’s 7th year at Holland.

    His favorite thing about working at Holland the faculty and staff that he works with and the motivated and conscientious students that attend Holland. When he is not teaching, he enjoys playing sports and spending time outdoors.


    (716) 537-8200 ext. 7107