Sra. Crowe

  • Hi students and parents. I am sending weekly updated lesson plans and activities to my students in their one drive folders. Please be sure to log in to do flipgrids, play games or email to let me know you've got your resources. Please don't hesitate to email me or pop into my zoom office hours if you need anything. Wash your hands and stay safe! We've got this. 

    Sra. Crowe teaches Spanish I, II, III and Niagara University NUSTEP SPA 103 and 104 at Holland High School. She went into teaching because she believes passionately that every person is capable of learning, they just have to figure out how that best happens for them and she loves helping students explore their learning styles. She has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from St. John Fisher College, a master’s degree in Peninsular Literature from UB and additionally graduate work in second language methodology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain. Sra. Crowe has been teaching at Holland for 20 years. Her favorite thing about working in Holland is the students. When she isn’t in the classroom, Sra. Crowe enjoys traveling.


    scrowe (@) hollandcsd (.) org

    (716) 537-8200 ext. 7210