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    I will be delivering instruction to all my students via their one ntebook in their office365 account daily. Please check your childs grade level for simple instructions for them to follow. 
    I will hold virtual office hours daily from 8:30 am until 9:30 am using the zoom app. The meeting ID and Password are in your onenote apps
    I am thrilled to be a part of the great Holland team of teachers, as well as the Holland community as a whole.  My philosophy always has been, and always will be, that students come first so my door is always open and I encourage you to ask me questions and seek help whenever you need it!  I am looking forward to a successful and productive school year, so let's make it the best it can possibly be!
    Science Grade 7 - The curricular foundation for this course is the New York State Core Curriculum for grades 5-8 in Science. This course will further develop an understanding of the concepts of Life Science. This is the branch of science that deals with the study of living things, their relationship to one another and to their environment. Major units of study in life science include: the scientific method, tools of a life scientist, characteristics of the kingdoms of life, genetics, microscopes and cells, simple organisms, plants, animals, similarity and diversity of life, human biology, animal behavior and adaptation, evolution, and ecology. Important in the seventh grade program are the skills of classifying, using laboratory techniques, researching and organizing information, making inferences, and using the metric system of measurement. Many laboratory exercises are used to assist students in developing these skills.
    Science Grade 8 - The curricular foundation for this course is the New York State Core Curriculum for grades 5-8 in science. This course will further develop an understanding of the concepts of Physical Science. It emphasizes the development of individual student skills in science reading, laboratory work, record keeping, measurement, and conceptual learning. Through a series of carefully structured investigations in physical science, the students study properties of matter, basic chemistry, forces, work, simple machines, motion, nuclear energy, electricity, heat energy, mixtures and solutions, electromagnetism, mechanics and alternate energy resources. Students are required to take New York State Science Performance and Written Tests which cover grades 5-8 science curriculum. 



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