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Welcome to Holland High School

  • Principal: Mr. Guidotti
    103 Canada Street
    Holland, NY 14080
    Phone: (716) 537-8221
    High School School Hours:
    Student Day:
    Start Time: 7:35 am
    End Time: 2:25 pm
    Important Reminders: 
    December 3, 2018: Parent/Teacher Conferences:
    Times: 11:30 am to 3:30 pm & 5 to 7 pm.  All parents are encouraged to attend this very important event.  This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to talk with teachers regarding their child's academic progress at the High School.  Students in grades 9-12 will be dismissed at 11am on this day. 
    School Supplies will be provided to all students in grades K-12.  Students who are enrolled in elelctive courses at the High School may need to purchase additional supplies. 
    Graphing Calculators will be supplied to students who are enrolled in Algrebra 1.
    New Tablets will be supplied to students in grades 3-12.  
    New procedures at the High School: 
    Bus Drop Off: High School students will be dropped off in the front of the High School.  Students will enter the High School through the main or auditoruim entrances. 
    Students Divers: Junior and Seniors with a registered vehicle and school parking pass will be allowed to park in the High School Auditoriium Lot.  Students will enter Weisenburger Way from Pearl Street to the rear of the High School to the Auditorium Lot. No student parking will be allowed in the Pearl Street and Rear parking lots. Please be advised our campus speed limit is 10 miles per hour and will be strictly enforced. 
    Parental Pick Up and Drop Off: parents should enter Weisenburger Way from Pearl Street to the rear of the high school to Auditorium Lot. Parents are asked not to leave their vehicles when dropping off or picking up. Parents will exit one way on to Canada Street.  
    Staff Parking: Pearl Street and Rear Lot behind the High School. 
    School Doors:  Doors will remain locked during the school day. All visitors to the high School will have to be "Buzzed" in at the main entrance and will be required to report immediately to the Office.
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