Q & A's:
    Q: What does an RTI teacher do?
    A: An RTI teacher provides additional support in the classroom by teaching guided reading and assisting in ELA tasks.  Also, we provide additional  support by pulling students out and working in a small group setting using interventions at the student's level.  This is the more common approach used here at Holland. 
    Q: How do we monitor students' progress?
    A: Students are monitored on a daily basis through the use of informal notes and observations.  On a tri-weekly basis, students are progress monitored using an assessment tool called STAR.  We check the student's fluency and comprehension for ELA.  In math we can monitor the student's facts knowledge and problem solving skills.
    Q: How do I know if my child needs RTI?
    A: Students qualify for RTI through teacher recommendations, NYS test scores, a change in performance in the classroom, running records, and STAR scores.
    Q: What is STAR? 
    A: STAR is one assessment tool that RTI teachers use to test students in letter sounds, letter identification, fluency and comprehension.  This assessment is used along with other assessments to determine small group instruction.