• Philosophy


    It is the purpose of the Holland Central Athletic program to foster and promote the following:

    1. Appropriate physical, social, and psychological development.

    2. The ideals of competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship, while achieving the goals of success and participation.

    3. The development of self-confidence, self-discipline, organization, decision-making skills, goal orientation and assessment.

    4. The concept of an integral relationship between a sound mind and a sound body leading to a lifetime appreciation for physical fitness and good health habits.

    5. A positive feeling of school loyalty and pride, which can be shared by all participants, other students, parents, coaches, and the community as a whole.

    6. The development of self-esteem and a healthy self concept. Regardless of the role students play on a team. They should complete their experience in athletics knowing that they contributed to the team in some way.

    Our program is designed to allow for the individuals to participate at their level of readiness and to be able to achieve satisfaction and enjoyment.  The program shall emphasize fun, enjoyment, opportunities for all students, and a strong emphasis on building of skills at all levels.

    Grades 7 & 8 (Modified B) Grades 7-9 (Modified A)

    1. Students are given the opportunity to be able to explore and expand their interests and abilities.

    2. Coaches should try to maximize the opportunities for all students to participate in the contests.

    3. The major focus is on teaching the basic fundamentals of the game.  Emphasis is on practice, participation and sportsmanship.

    Grades 9 - 10 (Junior Varsity)

    The program is designed to lend itself to increased interscholastic competition and winning.

    1. This program will allow each athlete the opportunity to practice and participate in scheduled athletic contests whenever possible.

    2. Coaches are encouraged to give their athletes playing time in each contest, but factors such as: ability level, closeness of the game, discipline, how they practice, etc., all influence their decisions.

    3. A major focus continues to be the teaching of basic fundamentals of the game and the development of game skills and sportsmanship.

    Grades 11 - 12 (Varsity)

    1.  Varsity competition lends itself to an emphasis on winning and therefore coaches do not guarantee playing time. Although winning is a point of emphasis, the program should never emphasis winning at the expense of the rules of the game, good sportsmanship, or the health and safety of the athlete.

    2. Each athlete’s performance is constantly assessed on the basis of improvement both during a practice or contest.

    3. Team members are to make a maximum contribution to the team both at practice and at contests.