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  • Communications

     1. Seesaw: Students will use it to share their work with peers and parents. Many parents have said that the favorite part of their day is when a Seesaw video from their child pops up on their phone. Last year almost 400 items were published. And that was all before the building closed in March! This year we will be using Seesaw a lot more because the District has purchased the paid version. Students can now create posts of up to 20 pages. They can save work in progress and finish it later. Teachers can schedule activities for dates and times in the future. Please click for a very brief introduction to Seesaw - https://edshelf.com/tool/seesaw-the-learning-journal/

    2. Microsoft Teams:  Students will use it for sharing files and collaboration. This is where students will look for tutorial videos. We will occasionally use it for video conferencing and virtual field trips.  

    3. Classroom website: Some information will also be communicated on the site you are using now. 

    4. Classroom Newsletter: A newsletter with important dates will go home in purple folders each month.