• Welcome soon-to-be 4th graders!

    This page contains helpful information to help you in making your decision to join our band and choose your instrument. 


    Please note that our recruitment process looks a little different than usual this year as student safety in fitting for instruments is our top priority. We hope that postponing fitting instruments until the fall will give us a clearer picture of how we can give you as complete an instrument fitting experience as possible. 


    "So what should I do now?"  You might be wondering...

    I met with our 3rd grade classes during music on 6/11 and reviewed the following presentations and videos with them. Review these links below to learn about all of the opportunities that we offer in our Holland band program carefully. Get familiar with your instrument choices. Do a little research on the instruments that intrigue you most. Epic! is a good place to dive a little deeper into exploring your favorite instruments. Which sounds do you like the best? Do you think you'll like an instrument with a lot of keys and fast moving notes, or one with a slide or 3 valves that usually plays at a little slower pace. There is something for everyone. I will be checking emails periodically over the summer if you have questions I can help out with. 

    PLEASE WAIT on purchasing any instruments or equipment. Our fitting process is a specific one and we want to assure that we fit your student with the best instrument for them. Frequently, students come to a fitting thinking they know what they want to play, but have so much success or fun with a different one in our meeting that their mind is changed. We appreciate your patience in waiting so we can match your student with the best fit possible. Looking for information the first week of school in the fall about scheduling student fittings. 


    3rd Grade Join Our Band! -This link contains an intro video with letters from current students, video clips of bands on their first day with instruments, and candids of life as a Holland band student. 

    Recruitment Presentation with interactive links - This link is a powerpoint presentation with detailed information about each instrument, it's function and considerations. Almost every picture in this presentation has a clickable link that takes you to an interactive site with  that instrument with more information, videos, and sound samples. 

    Recruitment Presentation PDF -If you do not have PowerPoint, this link will show you a PDF of the above presentation. The picture links do not work in PDF though, so you will have to search the instrument on Epic! or similar search tool to look up a recording of its sound

    All Aboard! Performed by the 2020 Holland Faculty, Staff, and Adminstration "Borchestra" -Last but not least...The video link to our wonderful Holland, Administrators, Faculty, & Staff who wanted to share their love of playing their instruments with you!


    I look forward to meeting you all in the fall and making great music with you! :-)