• Reading Comprehension Strategies

    1.  Make Connections During Reading
         a) Text-to-Text
         b) Text-to-Self
         c) Text-to-World
    2.  Visualize Images During Reading
    3.  Ask Questions During Reading
         a) What is this paragraph about?
         b) Why did this character do that?
         c) What do I predict will happen next in the story?
    4.  Infer During Reading or "Read Between the Lines"
    5.  Evaluate During Reading
         a) Why is this part important?
         b) What is the author's purpose for writing this?
         c) What am I learning from this text?
    6.  Synthesize During Reading
         a) Can I retell what I read in my own words?
         b) Can I pick out the most important parts?
         c) Can I make any connections to what I read?