• Hi Everyone! Our Holland Middle School and High School Art Room is going digital! Click the link below to view a video message from me with some important details and what to expect moving forward in art this year: 

    Hello from Miss Breier


    At the beginning of each week, you will receive a weekly art exploration from me.  Check my teacher webpage for updates at the beginning of each week.  This may include a virtual visit or tour, a video, a short article. Once you have explored to your heart's content, you will then reflect and respond back to me with sketches, notes, journal, or video responses, depending on the week and the exploration.   


    Studio Art Period 2 Class notebook: Studio period 2 class notebook

    Studio Art Period 4 Class notebook: Studio Period 4 class notebook

    Art 8 Class notebook: Art 8 class notebook

    Art 7 Class notebook: Art 7 Class notebook

    Art 5 Class notebook: Art 5 Class notebook

    Yearbook Class notebook: Yearbook Class notebook


    "Miss Breier, I have questions!"  GREAT! Here's how you can get a hold of me:

    Connect with me on Zoom! (10AM-11AM Mon-Fri)

    Other Questions, comments, or concerns? email me!  I will respond back during normal school hours. Until we are face to face again, I look forward to exploring some new terrain with each of you as we are creatively quarantined together!  Stay healthy, happy, and keep creating! 



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