Athletic Placement Process



    **This is ONLY for 7/8th graders who are challenging to participate at a JV or Varsity level**

    The NYS Education Department has approved the new Athletic Placement Process (APP) to be implemented beginning with the Fall 2015 season. This will replace the former Selection Classification Assessment.

    The APP is a program for evaluating students who want to participate in sports at a higher level as approved by the Board of Regents as a part of the school eligibility rules in 1980, and as aligned with Learning Standards 1 and 2. These standards state that students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity, maintain personal health, and acquire both the knowledge and ability to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.

    The APP represents the shared belief of the NYSAAA, the NYSPHSAA, medical directors, directors of physical education/athletics, and the NYSED that physical education and interscholastic athletics competition are important to the development of the whole child, and that students benefit when they can participate in such activities at a pace that is consistent with their physical and emotional maturity, size, fitness level, and athletic skill.

    The APP is NOT to be used to fill positions on teams, provide additional experience, provide an opportunity for middle school or junior high students when no modified program is offered, or to reward a student. Instead, it is aimed at the few, select students who can benefit from such placement because of their level of readiness.

    The APP is to be used only when an individual athlete's athletic skills warrant moving to the higher level of competition and therefore, ideally, it should be initiated by the district's physical education director and/or athletic director and physical education staff, who recognize the student's skill.

    Normally, a student is eligible for senior high athletic competition in a sport during each of four consecutive seasons, beginning with entry into the ninth grade. However, by satisfying the requirements of the APP, a student may receive extended eligibility that permits:

    1. a) participation during five consecutive season in the approved sport, after entry into the eighth grade; or
    2. b) participation during six consecutive seasons in the approved sport, after entry into the seventh grade.

    The President's Physical Fitness Test has been selected as the test for this process. The components of the fitness test include the following:

    Curl Ups for one minute (measure strength and endurance). Partner holds the feet, arms are crossed, elbows touch knees, then scapulas (shoulder blades) touch floor for one curl up. Bouncing not permitted.

    Shuttle Run (measures speed and agility). Two parallel lines marked 30 feet apart, student picks up 2 blocks or similar, cross starting line.

    One Mile Run/Walk
     (measures heart/lung endurance). Times are recorded in minutes and seconds. Note: For swimming - may alternate 500 yard swim for this component.

    Upper Body Strength & Endurance Testing (2 options)

    1.Pull-ups - Can use either overhand grasp (palms facing away from the body) or underhand grasp (palm facing toward the body). Chin must clear the bar to count as a pull up.

    2.Right Angle Push-ups - Keeping knees and back straight, lower body until 90-degree angle.

    Sit and Reach Testing (2 options - measures flexibility of the lower back and hamstrings) - legs must remain straight; fingertips of both hands should reach evenly along the measuring line.

    1. V-Sit & Reach in inches
    2. Sit & Reach in centimeters

    ****7th and 8th grade students that wish to swim on the varsity team must either take the 500 yard swim or perform the mile. 


    Step 1: Request/Permission form submitted to the Director of Athletics (attachment below) - The process for Athletic Placement of a student will start when a request form is filled out and submitted by a parent/guardian to the Athletic Office.

    Step 2: Medical Clearance - A valid physical with Tanner level must be submitted to the district. This must be completed BEFORE the physical fitness portion of the process. If the student is determined to have attained the appropriate physical maturity level and comparable physical size for the desired sport and level, the student may proceed (see chart below).

    Step 3: Physical Fitness Testing (by season). This must be done by a certified physical education teacher who is NOT a coach of the sport for which the student will be trying out. The student must meet the 85th percentile level for their age in 4 out of 5 test components (see test scores below). Students who desire to try out for bowling or golf teams are not required to complete the physical fitness test.

    Only those athletes with completed parent permission slip and valid physical with approved maturation rating will be allowed to take the assessment.


    Contact AD Matthew Adams with any questions regarding the APP process.