• What is PBIS?

    We base our school-wide discipline policy on the PBIS philosophy. Holland Middle School supports our students by providing proactive strategies that defines and teaches appropriate student behaviors in a positive school environment. We provide a positive environment in all areas including the classroom and non-classroom settings (such as hallways, restrooms).

    PBIS incorporates:

    • Common purpose and approach to discipline
    • Clear set of positive expectations and behaviors
    • Procedures for teaching expected behavior
    • Continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behavior
    • Continuum of procedures for discouraging inappropriate behavior
    • Procedures for on-going monitoring and evaluation
    • Active Supervision


    We will teach PBIS by:

    • Showing students the behavior we expect.
      • Example: Appropriate bus riding behavior:  Teachers model getting on the bus, off the bus, sitting with hands and feet out of the aisle and to themselves, no yelling.
    • Having students show their understanding of the behavior by repeating it:
      • Example: Have students repeat steps shown by doing what they saw being modeled.
    • Reinforcing positive behavior:
      •   Give positive feedback and reward appropriate behavior.


    Why PBIS?

    • As a school, we create consistency in expectations and culture
    • PBIS Helps kids learn acceptable behavior
    • PBIS Helps keep kids and schools safe