• Note:  Information that is different in the hybrid model is contained in ( ) parentheses below.

    MS Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

    School Hours
    Students are expected to be in their homeroom and ready for attendance by 7:20 am.  (Under hybrid model conditions, students must go directly to homeroom after dropping belongings at their locker and/or getting a grab and go breakfast.  Grab and go breakfast is to be eaten in the first period classroom, following directions from teacher on where to sit to allow for the mask to come off). Students who arrive after 7:20 am must report to the office to receive a pass before going to their classroom.  School doors open at 7:00 am and students arriving at that time are to immediately report to the cafeteria.  Students should NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 7:00 AM since there is no supervision prior to that time (and under the hybrid model there are no temperature takers out prior to that time).

    Building Entry
    All students being dropped off and adults must enter the building through the main office door on Partridge Rd (in our hybrid model, temperature takers will be out there from 7:00-7:17). To ensure the safety of all of our children, school policy requires all visitors sign in and present photo identification upon arrival and sign out upon exiting the building.  (Visitors will be significantly limited under the hybrid model.) 

    Arrival Procedures
    •    The school will open at 7:00 am daily for students.  There is no supervision prior to this time, therefore, students may not enter the building until 7:00 am. 
    •    Buses will unload in the main parking lot on Route 16.
    •    Small buses/vehicles will use Partridge Road loop to drop off and students will enter using the Main Office Doors.   Pull your vehicle as far forward as possible so cars are not standing on Partridge Road behind you to drop off (and follow the directions of the temperature takers, who will meet you at your vehicle before letting your student out).  Students will exit your car and use sidewalk to the main office doors.
    •    Partridge Road loop is one-way traffic.  Please obey signs.
    •    Students having breakfast will immediately report to cafeteria and (get a grab and go breakfast to take to their classroom—they should not eat it until in the room, seated, and given permission to take their mask off by the teacher).
    •    Students are expected to be in homeroom before 7:20 am each day.

    Early Dismissal
    When students must leave before the end of the school day, a note needs to be sent to the main office in the morning indicating the reason for the early dismissal and the pick-up time.  If an issue arises during the day, the office must be notified by 1:00 pm. (In the hybrid model, notify by 11:15am). Students shall be released from school only to their parents or guardians or to persons authorized by their parents/guardians and only from the main office.  No student will be released from school without written permission or a phone call from a parent/guardian.  


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