•      1st   Arts-in-Ed Excitement 5th   APL 4th

    Students once again are participating in artistic workshops with visiting artists through our district’s Arts-in-Ed Program. Programming spans from UPK to 9th grade.  Students are learning core content through hands-on experiences.

    ·         UPK students will be exploring music and instrument making through workshops with visiting artists.

    *        Kindergarteners will expand what they learned in Pre-K and learn more about musical instruments & music making.

    ·         1st graders explore character clues in texts through performing and acting.

    ·         2nd grade creates puppets and present a puppet show. 

    ·         3rd graders write poetry based on world cultures and compile their work into their own pop-up books.

    ·         4th graders will take a literary ride down the Erie Canal and participate in some performances too.

    ·         5th grade will work with an architect to help them learn their Social Studies curriculum.

    ·         6th grade studies architecture and world cultures to create an architectural form.

    *        7th grade ELA will be working with visiting artists this year to explore literature. 

    ·         8th grade ELA students explore & create free-verse poetry and then visually interpret that work into shadow boxes using the processes of origami, collage & encaustics.

    ·         9th grade ELA students explore the concepts of tolerance, diversity & personal responsibility through the creative writing process

    ·         HS Studio in Art students  work with a visual artist to create a large installation in our school grounds.  

    It will certainly be a very artistic year at the Holland Central Schools. Here are pictures from previous workshops:

    3rd    6th   K   encaustics   box   metal pour   molds