• What is a Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)?
    Auditory processing refers to what we do with what we hear.  With an auditory processing disorder, our hearing ability is intact but our ability to make sense of what we are hearing is impaired.  Only an Audiologist can diagnose a CAP disorder.

    Most common CAPD symptoms include:

    • Difficulty hearing in the presence of ambient noise
    • Difficulty following along or keeping up in conversations
    • Poor auditory memory
    • Difficulty following auditory instructions, especially multi-step instructions
    • Speech delay from a young age
    • Often misinterprets what is said, but doesn't realize it's been misinterpreted
    • Missed subtle social cues
    • May have difficulty with phonics and learning to read
    • Exhibits attention issues
    • May exhibit auditory distractibility
    • Often says "huh?" or "what?" 

    For more information on CAPD, please go to the website below.