• How is speech therapy provided?

    Service Delivery Models


    ·        Indirect Consultative Service

    o   Information for classroom teachers, supportive personnel, and parents via individual conferences and teacher conferences.


    o   Sharing of materials and or compensatory strategies to meet specific needs of the student.


    o   Ongoing evaluation and monitoring of student’s performance in various settings or providing up-to-date suggestions.



    ·        Direct Classroom Intervention Service (Push-In)

    o   Direct Intervention on a regular basis in the classroom setting (with the classroom teacher in attendance) with the student or students. 

    § Provide general classroom support

    § Co-teaching    

    § Parallel teaching (of modified lesson)



    ·        Direct Small Group Intervention (Pull-out)

    o   Therapeutic intervention with a small group, 2-5 students, in a separate setting.



    ·        Direct Individual Intervention (Pull-out)

    o   Therapeutic intervention individually in a separate setting.

    o   For students unable to benefit sufficiently from therapy in a small group setting.


    *Options for service delivery should be considered based on the total child.  All direct intervention sessions are 30 minutes in length.