• ELA Skills
    Spelling : We will begin the year reviewing and learning the spelling of the 50 most common sight words.Explicit spelling instruction of word patterns will begin after that time. Weekly word lists and exercises focused on the spellings of given sounds are included, followed by a weekly assessment. The spelling exercises provide asystematic review of the letter-sound correspondences that students have already learned and assist in learning the spelling of sight words. 

    Grammar : Specific grammar lessons and exercises address the various parts of speech and language usage conventions, such as capitalization and punctuation, as identified in the Common Core State Standards. Studentsfirst learn these concepts and practice them orally; then they are reinforced through the written word. Students will also practice grammar in the daily Warm-Ups.
    Writing : Writing instruction will be addressed starting in Unit 3. Students will receive instruction in using a four-step writing composition process: plan, draft, edit, and publish.