• Studio Art III
    (formerly known as Advanced Drawing)
    The Art III course has been designed for students who are seriously interested in understanding and creating art and wish to pursue 2D art making processes further. Through direct teacher instruction and guidance, students will develop a body of artwork that demonstrates a high level of quality and growth in content, technique, composition, problem solving and process. Students will be challenged to develop their own personal, creative and original artwork. They will understand that art making is an ongoing process that uses informed and critical decision making to determine outcomes to creative challenges.  The work the students create in this course will also help prepare them to Advanced Placement Art if they choose to continue with art as a senior.  The course syllabus will be provided in class.

    Required Materials

    ·   Sketchbook – Spiral Bound  (9”x12” or 8 ½ “ x 11”) available in the school store

    ·   Drawing Pencils -available in the school store

    ·   Erasers

    ·   Hand held pencil sharpener

    ·   Prismacolor Pencil Set – strongly recommended

    ·   Portfolio to transport artwork 

    **All other materials will be provided by the instructor.