• First Grade Math Curriculum
    We follow the Math In Focus series. In addition, students will be completing timed math activities in their classrooms. These help students master addition and subtraction facts to 20 fluently.
    The following list shows the order in which each topic will be taught in class this year:

    Chapter 1- Numbers to 10

    Chapter 2- Number Bonds

    Chapter 3- Addition Facts to 10

    Chapter 4- Subtraction Facts to 10

    Chapter 5- Shapes and Patterns

    Chapter 9- Length

    Chapter 7- Numbers to 20

    Chapter 8- Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20

    Chapter 11- Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs

    Chapter 12- Numbers to 40

    Chapter 15- Telling Time

    Chapter 13- Addition and Subtraction to 40

    Chapter 19- Money

    Chapter 16- Numbers to 120