• June of 2018 Our 6th Graders presented

    Monet's Garden at St. Adresse from 1967 

    GREAT JOB!!!

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    us   group Dinner for Threshers   
    Congratulations to our 6th Graders who participated in Art Alive at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery on Sat., June 3, 2017
    They won 2 Awards -
    The People's Choice Award for Best Tableau
    & The Judge's Award for Creativity
    They recreated Grant Wood's Dinner for Threshers from 1934
    Here are our entries from years past:

     all   tornado 89

    2011   2013      2014 1      2014 2   beach

     6th Grade Students have Participated in ART ALIVE at the Albright Knox Several Times!

    In 2011, Students created Henri Rousseau's The Football Players.  Unfortunately the event was canceled after we set up due to thunderstorms. 
    In 2013, students recreated Jackson Pollack’s piece The Blue Poles.  The students painted a 9 x 12 foot drop cloth to look like Pollack’s original painting and then painted their clothes to look like the stripes in the piece.   Since Jackson Pollack did “action painting” they used movement to create their display.  As spectators pretended to spatter paint the canvas with a large brush, the students would cartwheel, summer sault, & tumble into the piece.  The students were the paint and the audience became the artist.  They were a huge hit at the event!  They brought home an Honorable Mention Award. 
    In 2014, our students recreated two pieces  - Norman Rockwell's painting, The County Agent and Fernand Leger's, The Walking Flower sculpture. For the County Agent students created a large backdrop of a barn, made free-standing farm animals, and then dressed like the people in Rockwell's painting.  Two other girls created costumes for themselves to become the sculpture of the Walking Flower.  They added music and movement to their interpretation of the art work. The students had a great time and both works brought home Honorable Mention Awards.
    In 2015, students recreated Gloucester Beach, Bass Rocks by Winslow Homer.  They received the Judge's Out-of-the-box Award for the Most Unusual interpretations.  They had a great time, organizing shells, playing with beach balls, playing chess & sunning.
    In 2016, students recreated John Stuart Curry's Tornado over Kansas.  They won the People's Choice Award for best Tableau and the Judge's Out of the box award for the Most Unusual Interprestion.  They did a great job acting out escaping from the tornado and really drew the crowd to our display. 
    football  pollack     sculpture     rockwell   beach
    Original Artwork from Rousseau, Pollack, Leger, Rockwell  & Homer that students worked from.