• As the year progresses and modified spelling lists are necessary for some of my students, I will post the lists weekly for your convenience.
    Spelling Tips and Strategies
    Who said that studying spelling words can't be fun?  Here are a few ways to make daily review of words engaging for your child! 
    1.  Cheer your words
    2.  Rainbow words- Write your words in 3 different colors
    3.  Computer fun- Type your words in different fonts and colors
    4.  ABC Order
    5.  Write your words in different mediums- Sand, snow, paint, shaving cream, chalk, playdough, etc.
    6.  Air words- Write your words in the air
    7.  Jumpy words- Jump rope as you spell
    8.  Clap and Snap- Clap and snap alternating with each letter
    9.  Practice on Spelling City -http://www.spellingcity.com
    10.  Write your words on our test paper  -Spelling Paper