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    SAT VS. ACT:

    Ø For state rank NY ranks 4th on the ACT’s but 46th on the SAT’s

    Ø The ACT more accurately reflects the curriculum taught in schools where the SAT is more a test of reasoning skills

    Ø Students who score in the top or bottom 20% on the SAT will do similar on the ACT however the middle 60% will do better on the ACT

    Ø ACT is a true non-profit and out of 10,000 employees 7,00 are currently involved in research

    Ø NYU will take an ACT test instead of the SAT 2 subject test, next year two ivy league schools will be doing the same thing

    Ø Close to 100,000 students take the ACT

    Ø Need based aid is becoming merit based so a good ACT score could lead to more money

    Ø Juniors taking the ACT in the spring do better then Seniors because of the math section

    Ø Students find it more straightforward and there are no tricks

    Ø 452 people out of 2 million got a perfect score on the ACT last year

    Ø There has been a recent explosion in the number of students taking the ACT

    Ø All colleges will accept the ACT

    Ø Some Ivy League schools will look at all scores not just the best but in many cases you should not hide your scores from colleges

    Test Format

    Ø English section has 75 items in 45 min.

    Ø Math section has 60 items in 60 min.
    Ø Reading has 4 passages

    Ø Science has 40 items in 35min.

    Ø National Average is 21.1

    Ø New York State Average is 23.1

    College Readiness Averages

    Ø English = 18

    Ø Math = 22

    Ø Reading = 21

    Ø Science = 24