2019-20 Officers (CONGRATULATIONS TO...)


    Vice President: 



    Come to the meeting to become a part of a great group! 
    What have we been up to?  Check it out here:  https://sway.com/8yYYIzAYVQqnhRbw?ref=Link 
    Some projects we will be planning for...
    1. Set painting for Homecoming
    2. Musical SET PAINTING!
    3. Mural Painting at the Boys and Girls club
    4. Musical Poster Design
    5. Chalk Walk at the Innovation Games
    6. Art Alive at the Albright Knox
    7. T-shirt Design
    8. Art and Music Trip
    9. Tulip Festival projects/fundraisers
    10. Visiting Artists
    11. Workshops
    12. Local field trips
    13. Rain Barrel Competition
    14. And Much Much More!
    Check back on this site for more news and information!