• Studio Art II

    (Formerly known as Art Design)
    Art II is a full year course that will build upon the vocabulary, skills and concepts learned in Studio Art I. Throughout the year, you will be expanding your understanding of a variety of two and three-dimensional art making techniques. This course will include an exploration of different drawing techniques and mediums, personal expression, problem solving, art criticism and art history, graphic design, digital imaging, printmaking, painting, and sculptural art. For each project, you will be asked to apply your knowledge of the art media to illustrate concepts dealing with personal and/or universal themes. You will also investigate the role of art and art criticism within art history and will relate this learning to your own contemporary art making practices.  The syllabus will be provided in class.


    Sketchbook –Spiral Bound (9”x12” or 8 ½ “ x 11”) available in the school store

    Pencil Kit – available in the school store.  Items in the kit include those seen in the photo below:  
     Sketchmate Drawing Set