• Tips for 2nd language studywork

     As you know, learning is as varied and individual as the person studying. 
    Here are some ideas for successful learning in a Foreign Language class.
    1. Be active! Go to cultural events, listen to music, watch your favorite DVDs in Spanish, make food from Spanish-speaking countries....
    2. Study with friends.  Play review games together, quiz each other, eat chips and salsa :)
    3. Make flashcards with pictures- no English!  Or use your textbook website's flip flashcards with pronunciation.
    4. Come to Monday and Tuesday after school extra help.
    5. Retest poor grades.
    6. Study in shorter, more frequent sessions 15/20 minutes max. several times a week.
    7. Use the language at home, with friends, in your head as the day goes on (colors, weather, etc.)
    8. Read online comics in Spanish then make some of your own.
    9. Study with a more advanced student.  You have tutors available through the academic center or ask me.
    10. Use the online resources to drill vocabulary, explain grammar in English and Spanish and practice, play games, listen to authentic speech...