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    NUSTEP Spanish 103 and SPA 104 Syllabi.    NUSTEP SPA 103 and NUSTEP SPA 104
    Welcome new students and parents! 
    I am so thrilled to be able to offer these amazing courses for 6 college credits through Niagara University's NUSTEP program!  It is offered in 2 parts: Spanish 103 in the Junior year.  It is 3 credits of INTERMEDIATE College Spanish at a cost of $250. The second part is Spanish 104 in the senior year.  It is also 3 credits of INTERMEDIATE College Spanish at a cost of $250. Students must successfully complete SPA 103 before enrolling in SPA 104.  As you may or may not know, this is about 10% of the tuition cost for the identical course in shorter time with less support at the university!
    The course content continues perfectly as a post-Regents course.  The grammar is familiar and goes into greater detail.  The readings and cultural topics are very interesting and lead to terrific class discussions.  In short, if you are enthusiastic about the Spanish language and willing to work hard- this is the course for you!
    Grading is done according to the Niagara syllabus for SPA 103 and 104 to align our course with the NUSTEP program.  The breakdown is as follows:

    Participation:                                    20%

    Homework:                                       20%

    Compositions:                                  15%                     

    Chapter Tests:                                  15%      

    Midterm Exam:                                15%

    Final Exam:                                             15%      
     Although the content is certainly Intermediate college Spanish (3rd and 4th semesters-Sophomore year), you have multiple opportunities for improvement! I would like to emphasize the section of both syllabi referring to academic integrity. If you choose to use an online translating program or plagiarize any material, you can be dropped from the program and lose your tuition payment, just as you would in the actual college course at the university, 
    Finally, this is a wonderful course, an amazing opportunity and I am pleased to offer it!
    If you have any questions, please use my school email or leave a message on the blog page for Spanish feelings and I'll get back to you right away.
     http://www.niagara.edu/nustep Has all your information and resources! ONLINE registration before October 1st please!
                                                        October 1st is the start of a $50 additional late fee to register!  2018 registration does have an extra week until October 8th but register early.
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