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    School Hours

    Children are expected to be in their classroom ready for instruction at 9:15 am.  Students who arrive after 9:15 am should report to the office before going to their classroom.  School doors open for students to enter the building at 8:50 am.  Students should not arrive before 8:50 am since there is no supervision provided prior to that time. 

    Building Entry

    All visitors will be required to show photo ID.

    All students and adults must enter the building through the office door.  To ensure the safety of all of our children, school policy requires that all visitors must report to the office and sign in upon arrival and sign out upon exiting the building.   Please do not go directly to classrooms.


    Driving Children to School

    Research has shown that children transported on a school bus are 30 times safer than those driven to school in a car.  Therefore, we recommend that parents take advantage of school transportation.  If it is necessary to drive your child to school in the morning, please observe the following guidelines. 

    • Drop children off between 8:50 – 9:00 am.  Attendance will be taken at 9:15.  No supervision is available prior to 8:50 am.
    • AT 9:00 AM, both sets of doors in the front of the building will open so that children may be dropped off at the main sidewalk and enter the building through either set.
    • When it is your turn, stop your car within the drop-off area, pulling up far enough to leave room for cars behind you in the drop-off area.
    • As soon as you stop your car, instruct your child to open the door on the passenger side, get out of the car, and shut the door. Your child should be able to do this without adult assistance.  If this is not possible or if you wish to accompany your child to the entrance, please park in visitor spots or the High School auditorium lot and walk him/her over.
    • Leave the drop-off area only after cars in front of you have moved. NEVER pass a car stopped in front of you.
    • NEVER get out of your car, since this slows the process down, stops the flow of traffic, and creates a dangerous situation for you and the children.

    Student safety is our number one concern. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

    Dismissal Procedures

    To secure the safety of our children, and ensure they are released only to parents, guardians, or those designated by parents, the following procedures are in effect at the Elementary School:

    • Parents picking up their child from school must send a note (provided in the link below) in the morning to the teacher. To avoid interference with arriving/dismissing buses, please use the visitor parking spots or the High School Auditorium parking lot.
    • Children being picked up will be dismissed at 3:30 pm to the Elementary School Cafeteria where you will need to sign him/her out. Anyone wishing to pick up a student must show photo identification. Students being picked up must exit through the main entrance by the office. 
    • Bus drivers will not release students to parents.
    • Students that walk home will line up in the Kindergarten wing with a school representative and be walked down the sidewalk to the crossing guard on Canada Street.

    Early Dismissal

    When students must leave before the end of the school day, a note (provided in the link below) should be sent to the office in the morning indicating the reason for the early dismissal and the pickup time.  If an issue comes-up during the day the office must be notified by 2:00.  The parent/guardian or authorized adult must enter the building and go to the office to pick up the student and show photo identification.  All students will be excused from the office.  Students shall be released from school only to their parents or guardians or to persons authorized by their parents or guardians.  No student will be released from school without written permission or a phone call from a parent or guardian.

    Half Day Dismissal is 12:15 PM

    H.O. Brumsted Elementary Home-to-School Note 



Last Modified on October 23, 2019