• Word Of The Day:
    A useful tool to help improve your vocabulary to help study for standardized tests, impress your friends, or just improve yourself.
    Tips for Success:

          Use an assignment note book/agenda, keep track of your homework

    ù         Organization is a key aspect to succeeding in high school as well as life


          See your teacher for extra help

    ù         Ask questions during class

    ù         If you are afraid to speak up during class ask the teacher if they would be willing to stay after

    ù         See if there is a lab you can get into

    ù         See the teacher early during homeroom or right after school


          Pay attention

    ù         Listen to your teachers, take notes and ask questions it is necessary for success and to pass the class


          Make a to-do list

    ù         Put things that are most important at the top and do them first

    ù         Use a reward system if it helps accomplish your goals